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The introduction of an adequate virtual unbundled local access (VULA) product can compensate the negative effects of vectoring.

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Young people have demonstrated, time and again, that they are willing to show solidarity and contribute to their communities.

His early affection for those bold forms and colors has spilled into a broad passion for the visual that encompasses architecture, design and contemporary art as he has built a real estate-development empire centered in Moscow and now, Miami and New York.

After a stint as a commodities trader for Marc Rich’s firm in Switzerland, Doronin returned to Russia in 1993, bringing the expertise of highly regarded international architects to his office, retail and residential real estate projects. She was a genius.” For Doronin’s 57-story luxury bayfront condo project in Edgewater, Missoni Baia, Hadid recommended Hami Rashid, principal of New York’s Asymptote Architecture.

In June 2015, the Commission approved a €3 billion German state aid scheme to promote investment in high speed broadband infrastructure, especially for rural areas where private investment is lacking.

Vectoring technology allows increased broadband speed over the existing copper network beyond the highest levels normally achieved via very high speed digital subscriber lines (VDSL). However, as a side-effect, competitors are no longer able to gain physical access to individual copper lines leading to the customers, and are therefore prevented from providing their own high speed internet products to them.


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