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The Mosaic Law cites fear of God as a reason to treat the disabled and elderly well (Leviticus , 32).

And lest you think this is only an Old Testament idea, note that Jesus states this stronger than anyone when he says, "Don't be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul.

We encourage you to participate in our Teachers Forum and share your insights, questions, best practices, and experiences with other like-minded educators. Despite strong public interest in the science, however, many people find this topic troubling when viewed from a religious perspective.

Representatives of diverse religious communities encourage a larger, more respectful understanding of both the scientific evidence and religious wise!

They’re the last teeth to come into place, and having them was helpful to our early ancestors who ate tough, uncooked foods that wore away their teeth.

And all of these traits emerged before humans began domesticating plants and animals.

at least 300 times in reference to God, so we make a mistake when we downplay it.

The subject becomes even more mysterious when we read something like 1 John that says that "perfect love expels all fear." So how do we marry this dichotomy? Scripture is full of examples of how fearing God is a positive rather than a negative thing.

This guy walked past me with his head down as if he was going to go inside. My Dog Injured Twice In Two Dreams In The Same Night I had two dreams about one of my dogs being injured, it was the same dog and both happened in the same place, my backyard at my house. My Cat Died & I Had A Dream The Night Before He Was Running Away From Me Last night I had a dream that the front door of the house was open and it was dark outside.

My 17 year old cat that has been very sick in real life ran …


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