Gary halbert dating ad

But there are two profiles, only two on the entire dating site that have held my attention for any length of time as they’re miles better than mine and certainly funnier.

Her: “Hey [your name] its [her name] from Plenty of Fish, send me another picture.” You: [Replying with picture] “Here you go.” Her: “OK, you’re just not my type, too skinny, not buff enough. Bye.” You: “Ha, fair enough, at least you’re honest.” This is the point where you’re meant to feel like you’ve been suddenly stabbed with a little sharp knife (or maybe a rusty screwdriver) right in the chest because you’re not good enough, you’re not attractive, you’re weird and you SUCK! You can think of online dating like a farmers market or a charity date auction.

Humphrey recalls copywriter Gary Halbert using the notion of a starving crowd…

Are there people that are absolutely screaming for a solution? Can you look at an industry that you have experience in (or it’s a personal problem you are having) and you think to yourself: Can you say: “You know what?

Dating is rarely straightforward, and sometimes less so if you have a disability.

It certainly involves time and energy, often mishaps and embarrassments, but if you’re lucky and have humour, then you can find the thing we all desire… So there are bound to be some scintillating stories from this single 20-something, disabled guy, as he shares his dating diaries…


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